Ease my back pain

Advice on how you can lessen back pain.

Back pain is a very common medical problem that can have a significant impact on people’s lives and reduces
quality of life.

Identifying contributing factors and addressing them, can significantly reduce pain for a happier and
healthier life. Physical exercise can be a very effective method to reduce the pain and discomfort that
long-term pain sufferers experience. Your degree trained Sport Rehabilitator can help ease your back pain
and work on avoiding reoccurring pain.

Your Sport Rehabilitator will carry out an initial consultation to assess you and your day to day life and
will use clinical reasoning to tailor a recovery plan to return to function and physical activity. Treatment
will incorporate evidenced based therapeutic intervention and exercise. Sport Rehabilitators have a strong
focus on biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation and returning patients to high levels of function.

The overall skill set and focus is why the Ministry of Defence chooses BASRaT registrants for their most
demanding exercise rehabilitation roles.

You will be given an exercise programme to help strengthen your back.

Visit our case study page to see how Sport Rehabilitators have helped previous clients.


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