I’m too busy, when can I exercise?

Use our handy tips to fit in exercise.

You may be working full time with a busy family, or a carer with very little free time. If exercise seems to be
something else you cannot possibly fit in then use our handy tips below to help you get fitter and start feeling
happier and healthier.


How to get fitter during everyday busy lives

During your commute……

Walk part of your commute

Avoid lifts and take the stairs


At lunch……..

Power walk during your break or lunch – you will feel more alert afterwards


Before or after work……

Do a short HiiT routine

Use a skipping rope

Jog on the spot


At the weekend……

Multitask – gardening and cleaning can give you an effective low intensity work out

Walk to the shop and carry back your groceries

Clean the car at home

Walk the dog

Play with the kids at the park – kick a ball around, shoot some hoops, play an impromptu tennis match


Get into the habit of…..

Parking at the far end of the car park and walking to the entrance

Cut down on twenty minutes of television and go for a short walk



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