How we have helped others

“After training for the Great North Run, I was devastated when I picked up a knee injury,
I thought there would be no chance of competing. With just a few weeks to go I visited a
Sport Rehabilitator who began to treat my injury. The improvement amazed me and I
went from being unable to run at all to training within a couple of weeks. I was so
improved by the time of the run that I did compete and finish! Thank you!” *


“I was in constant agony from a prolapsed disc, I was told to give up golf and would be in
pain for the rest of my life. I then saw a Sport Rehabilitator and I now have no back
pain at all and I play golf three times a week. My back is stronger and has fantastic
movement. My swing is the best it’s ever been.” *


“I have had back pain for 10 years, often taking time off work. I have seen all sorts of
people but no one could fix me. After two sessions with my Sport Rehabilitator, changes
to my driving position and some exercises I was pain free.” *

*Please note – images do not relate to the case studies

“I have spent 10 years in an electric wheelchair due to a neuro-muscular disease. Medical specialists gave up on my chances of being able to walk again and no other trainer would give me a chance.

My Sport Rehabilitators’ enthusiasm and positive attitude towards my training gave me a glimmer of hope that I wouldn’t be confined to a wheelchair. In two and a half months I have made enormous gains in my physical condition. Through their tireless efforts I can sit up and lift my head, I have great strength in my arms and legs along with core strength. It is down to the dedication, support and encouragement of my Sport Rehabilitators.

The treatment was a result of their expertise and the research they did on my specific disease, creating a specialised regime for me. With their help, I hope to walk once again and regain my independence and my life. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have found them and to me they are heroes.” Clare, 25
Since she wrote this, Clare has taken her first steps unaided.