Sport Rehabilitators complete a three year BSc degree course accredited by BASRaT.

The degree teaches application of high-level academic and practical management skills to diagnose, treat
and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries. Emphasis is placed on how to design and implement exercise
and rehabilitation programmes.

Sport Rehabilitators study musculoskeletal injuries, therapeutic techniques and exercise
rehabilitation skills, which is supported by a foundation in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics
and psychology. Students learn how to provide effective care for people with injuries, illness and
disease in order to improve their health.

The course content and teaching methods are closely monitored and accredited by BASRaT to ensure
consistently high standards.

Sport Rehabilitators must complete 400 to 1200 hours of supervised clinical work to become accepted
onto the BASRaT register of Sport Rehabilitators, as well as adhering to a rigorous process of
professional development and code of conduct.